Cloud Migration

Guide to Creating a Cloud Migration Testing Strategy

Transitioning an application to the cloud comes with its unique set of obstacles. Unlike the traditional on-premises setup, where users don’t interact with the servers and remain unaware of the backend activities, the cloud brings the application forefront of everyone’s attention. This sudden change, occurs in the need of application testing, making it a critical part of cloud migration testing.

Having a formalized plan acts as a recipe which can later make a dish perfect. With a good plan, you can ensure that an application is working as expected in the cloud environment. Let’s look at the main things like the need for cloud migration and the testing types in detail.

Why Is Cloud Migration Testing Important?

In simple terms, a Cloud migration strategy is like venturing into unknown territories, but with a customized framework. This process allows you to implement your unique needs by streamlining the process and minimizing the disruption making the process smooth and easy. Solid testing of your application before and after data migration can help you spot any problems before they happen, ensuring a smooth transition and keeping your business safe from any potential issues.

For a seamless cloud migration testing process, it is vital factor to adopt the correct testing strategy, supported by the guidance of skilled testing experts. This essential procedure asks for comprehensive testing involving functional, integration, security, and performance aspects. For successful future results, it is crucial to evaluate application start and response times, performance under peak loads, and usability across different platforms and devices like desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. By gathering metrics from these tests, you can identify and resolve all the issues in the beginning.

Difference Between Cloud Migration Testing and Traditional App Testing

Cloud Migration Testing

Cloud migration testing applications in the cloud differ significantly from testing on-premises applications due to the need to adapt to the cloud’s scalability. Some of the Cloud integrations might be complex to identify and understand, while a need for strong cloud migration testing strategies such as load and pen testing is required. 

Remember whether you are dealing with on-premises or cloud applications, the ultimate goal of testing remains consistent. Following the correct strategy is crucial to deliver the correct outcomes, whereas comparing would be complicated as it depends upon the goals and tools used.   

Types of Testing for a Cloud Migration

In the process of crafting a successful cloud migration strategy, it is essential to include the below testing types. Remember, following the correct testing strategy is the only formula for a successful, seamless, and smooth cloud migration process. 

  • Functional Testing:

    As the name suggests, this testing type is done to verify that every build meets the required functionality standards, for both pre- and post-cloud migration.

  • Integration Testing:

    This testing is essential to ensure that all connected services and devices can seamlessly share the data across both cloud and on-premises environments. In simple terms, it involves verifying those individual modules applications, and services can communicate and exchange data with each other efficiently.

  • Security Testing:

    Cloud migration testing was done to ensure the safety of the application. It involves evaluating various modules to uncover the weaknesses that could be the reason for potential attacks. This testing type is a necessity to prevent the system from unwanted risks like- security breaches, data leaks, and financial losses.

  • Performance Testing:

    This testing type is done to evaluate how an application works under specific conditions, such as heavy user loads. It measures various aspects of the application like running and response time, scalability, and resource utilization.


In conclusion, having a well-planned cloud migration testing strategy is a need for a smooth transition to the cloud. By opting for the right testing strategy, organizations can minimize the risks by identifying and addressing the potential issues in the beginning. It helps in optimizing the performance and the security. 

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